• DB503 Violin model
  • varnishing
  • DB402 Gamba model
  • inlaying the purfling
  • DB404 Busetto model
  • hand carving a top
  • varnishing
  • DB600 Gofriller Replica
  • tonewood storage
  • white instruments before varnishing
  • varnishing
  • hand carving a top
  • DB402 Gamba model
  • ebony stock
  • hand carving a top
  • inlaying the purfling

Christopher String Instruments

About our instruments

Concord International Group, Inc. is one of the renowned string instrument distributors in the United States. Concord’s Christopher string instruments have established high recognition from schools, musicians, shops, music stores in the United States and worldwide. In the Christopher workshops, only high-quality and carefully seasoned tonewoods are used. Significant investments in quality woods, aged in a controlled environment in our own manufacturing plant, has been made. The expertise in woodworking allows Concord to create and form own veneers, in order to guarantee a constant high quality of the instruments. For the fingerboard, nut and saddle only ebony is used. You won't find black stained hardwood or rosewood fingerboards on Christopher instruments, as only high-quality ebony fingerboards provide a continual good performance.

Our fully carved instruments are varnished with numerous layers of hand applied spirit varnish, to achieve an unique and individual appearance.


With all our instruments we attach great importance to the right arch of back and top. A special production process enables Concord to fabricate the arch which is characteristic for Christopher instruments even with our laminated instruments. Therefore we do not use prefabricated plywoods but press the individual veneer layers into form while gluing them together. Only with this method a sufficiently strong arch can be reached.


Moreover we fit in a cross bar in the arched back which provides the instrument with an additional stability and gives the sound more definition.
The bassbar of the Christopher instruments are carefully fitted to the arch of the top and glued in without spring. The bassbars are supposed to spread the vibrations onto the upper and lower bout and to support the top, but not to warp it.

bass bridge

The Christopher bridges are made of fine, high quality maple wood. All our bass bridges have black, lightweight one-piece aluminium height adjusters.


NEW! Christopher RN

The Christopher DB202 double bass is now available with a rock-solid removable neck option.

Christopher RN

Chi „Christopher“ Yang

Mr. Chi Yang, the founder and president of Concord Intl. Group, Inc.,. used to be a well recognized, principle bass player in one of major symphonies in Beijing, China more than 25 years ago. He learnt how to make string instrument starting with Violins when he was only 14. It was the Culture Revolution time in China and his parents kept him home to learn how make violins when the schools were banned. In early 1980s, he came to the United States and after a very tough competition, he got full scholarship from Julliard in New York and started to study bass performance with Mr. David Walter. After his graduation, he got an offer from Singapore Country Symphony and played as the principle bass for 5 years. During his study in Julliard and working in Singapore, he had chance to know more about string instruments in general and the market environment and decided to bring better quality and affordable basses to students and professional market. He combined his lutherie and musician background and started the factory in China. His uniqueness is to translate a musician's demand into the instrument making process. It has impressed many of our customers and that's why Christopher instruments have won recognitions from the market right after they hit the market.


Import and distribution for Europe: Lando Music
Customers in the USA: please contact Concord Intl. Group

What our customers say about Christopher

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